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Clean And Care


Here are just a few things to help you keep your gems and jewelry clean.

The best way is to keep your jewelry from harm!
But it is actually impossible to keep it away from the hustle bustle of life.
Just make sure you limit the exposure of jewelry from the following things.


Lotions and Potions.
Lotions and certain liquids that we use daily to groom ourselves may be harmful for jewelry. For example hairspray, mousse, body lotion, moisturizer, perfumes, etc. A dull film is formed which is difficult to remove. To prevent this, remove your jewelry before bathing and grooming and see the difference!

Household chores.
Take off your jewelry before you clean your kitchen, assemble a bike or do some gardening! Household cleaners are abrasive and harsh on this delicate jewelry. Don't put them on while working with power tools.

Chlorine bleach can destroy your jewelry, especially silver. It gets oxidized. Only a professional jeweler can help you restore the piece.

Thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposing it to water and then store it in an enclosed place. Moisture tarnishes silver and weakens clasps and springs.

Extreme climatic conditions harm the jewelry. Extreme heat might damage pearls and cement on the custom jewelry. Rise in temperature might cause thermal shock thus fracturing the stones.

Give space to every piece of jewelry. Metals cause scratches on the jewelry and destroys its luster thus store it in an individual compartment.
For bracelets and necklaces fasten the clasps to avoid any tangling.
Most important of all, dry your jewelry before storage or else you might damage it.


It takes just a few steps to restore your jewelry's lost luster and it's a satisfactory experience.
Here are a few simple methods that will help you clean your jewelry effectively and safely.

You need
A clean bowl
,Lukewarm Water ,Mild dishwashing liquid or jewelry cleaning solution ,Fine mesh plastic or stainless steel strainer especially for small pieces,Very soft, clean, dry cloth ,Soft bristled brush ,Toothpick

Commercial cleaner
If using a commercial cleaner make sure you follow the directions for the particular product. The freshness of the cleaner must be checked, by storing it in a tightly sealed container. Stale, contaminated cleaner damages the jewelry. Check the shelf-life or expiration date.

Check the settings and see that the stones are secure. Dirt and residue might hide the loose settings. So better check properly. Plug the drain.

Pour the mild solution in a clean bowl. Make you own solution by mixing one quarter of lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of mild detergent or dishwashing liquid.
Place the gemstones in a strainer and dip them in the bowl so that the liquid surrounds them. Soak for 10 -20 minutes till the dirt is loosened. Gently use a soft brush and remove the residue and use a toothpick for the crevices.
Now rinse with clean water.

Thoroughly dry the jewelry with the soft cloth, place the jewelry over a towel for sometime and then store.
Check that the entire dirt has been removed. If not repeat the procedure.

We at ecjewels.com value your precious possessions!! Keep it as sparkling as never before!!


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